Why JCaptcha

Why a framework for Captcha?

Yes, why use a framework with hundreds of classes when some implementations are so simple ?

To answer this question lets imagine what happens when a captcha is cracked ie this is no more a hard AI problem.

  • From scientific point of view This means computeur science has made a move a step forward in a precise field : for exemple Gimpy cracking involve new technics in the field of OCR.
    • Scientifics will have to invent a new, different, harder AI problem that human can easily solve and computers can't
    • The jcaptcha framework provides a common , high level language to defines those problems (the com.octo.captcha interface and typed derivatives)
  • From a jcaptcha user point of view This means that his jcaptcha-ized application is may be vulnerable under bots attack
    • He will have to change the captcha in order to re protect his application
    • The jcaptcha framework provides simple way to parametrize new captchas (with engines and jcaptcha components)
  • From a jcaptcha developper point of view This means he'll have to implement some new tests
    • He will have to implements a new captcha sub class, and to integrate it with the whole jcaptcha architecture
    • The jcaptcha framework clearly separates the services and integration facilities (service and modules subprojects) from the tests definitions and implementations (the core and engine sub projects)

Why JCaptcha instead of an other captcha framework


http://code.google.com/p/kaptcha/ http://simplecaptcha.sourceforge.net/