JCAPTCHA explained

Stands for J ava C ompletely A utomated P ublic T est to tell C omputers and H umans A part


  • Provide robust and reliable CAPTCHA implementation framework for JAVA
  • Provide accessible CAPTCHA implementations
  • Provide multi-type challenge (text, sound, image)

For more explainations see Why JCaptcha and Use cases


JCaptcha with GWT

Ant Kutschera wrote :
a colleague and i have written an article about GWT, which includes a description of how to integrate JCaptcha with GWT. The article and the free source code are at:


The paper is called "Enterprise GWT: Combining Google Web Toolkit, Spring and Other Features to Build Enterprise Applications"

JCaptcha 2.0-alpha-1

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 2.0-alpha-1 (Release notes)

This release is the first built with the JDK6 and compatible with the JDK5.
It is available in the Sonatype Sourceforge Nexus Maven Repository

Try it with the new Simple Servlet Integration documentation

JCaptcha 1.0

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 1.0 ! (Release notes)

Four years since the inception, the 1.0 release is the first declared as stable, available on the central Maven repository or on Sourceforge. The 1.0 release keep the JDK3 backward compatibility, next one 2.0-alpha1 will be built with JDK6 and provide compatibility with JDK5.

Take a look at the 2.0-alpha-1 roadmap for comming features.