JCaptcha with GWT

Ant Kutschera wrote :
a colleague and i have written an article about GWT, which includes a description of how to integrate JCaptcha with GWT. The article and the free source code are at:

The paper is called "Enterprise GWT: Combining Google Web Toolkit, Spring and Other Features to Build Enterprise Applications"

JCaptcha 2.0-alpha-1

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 2.0-alpha-1 (Release notes)

This release is the first built with the JDK6 and compatible with the JDK5.
It is available in the Sonatype Sourceforge Nexus Maven Repository

Try it with the new Simple Servlet Integration documentation

JCaptcha 1.0

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 1.0 ! (Release notes)

Four years since the inception, the 1.0 release is the first declared as stable, available on the central Maven repository or on Sourceforge. The 1.0 release keep the JDK3 backward compatibility, next one 2.0-alpha1 will be built with JDK6 and provide compatibility with JDK5.

Take a look at the 2.0-alpha-1 roadmap for comming features.

JCaptcha 1.0-RC6

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 1.0-RC6

This release fixes the FWK-77 bug: FontGenerator.setBadFontNamePrefix("") excludes all Fonts

Download from sourceforge

JCaptcha 1.0-RC4

The JCaptcha team is pleased to announce JCaptcha 1.0-RC4 !

This release comes with the GNU Lesser General Public License, waited by many users. It should be the last on the road of the 1.0 final release.

The roadmap shows the release notes.

Dont forget to take a look at the updated tutorial made by Jason Thrasher : Adding CAPTCHA to AppFuse 2 M4

Back to LGPL...

Pressure of the open source community make us change (again) our mind concerning the Licensing of jcaptcha.

Next release will be under LGPL.

Please feel free post any comment on this on the jcaptcha user mailing list.

New tutorials

Two new excellent tutorials are available, many thanks to the authors :

JCAPTCHA with AppFuse via Struts by Jason Thrasher


Spring framework + Acegi Security captcha layer + JCaptcha integrationarticle by Petr Matulík

RC 3 is out!


type priority key summary

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We moved from luminal (many thanks to Eric Groise who let me use its SushiWiki server).
We are now hosted on the OCTO Technology public forge
We have also upgraded JCaptcha Confluence And Jira to last stable version.

RC3 is on its way

CVS now contains pretty much all the tasks scheduled for RC3.

The roadmap is here : RC3 roadmap

I would like to propose we release RC3 at this point.

Comments are welcome!

using jsf

Has anyone used jcaptcha with jsf? I followed the 5 minute setup guide and got it to generate the images, which is cool, but I was wondering how to change the image size and maybe the background of these images?


RC 2 0 1 is out
  • Site improvements
  • Some parts of the site are now hosted using the OCTO Technology web access on the SushiWiki server. Thanks to Eric Groise.
  • Moved from moniwiki to confluence for collaboration
  • Moved from sourceforge to jira for issue tracking
  • Thanks to Atlassian software
  • framework improvements
  • This is a minor bug fix release
  • Moving to a more readable default engine
  • Tunning some engine
  • New Issue tracker system, thanks to altassian : see jcaptcha jira
  • Removing log configuration from jar : see bug 1078250 @ sourceforge
  • Moving tld to META-INF directory : see bug 1087577 @ sourceforge