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How to use these Captcha

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  1. I used the 5 minute set up guide to get this working on my site, but how do I change it so that I can use a different engine, say the BaffleListGimpyEngineCaptcha??

  2. I want to use the DefaultGimpyEngineCaptcha, but configure it to use less characters and have the image 200 x 50 pixels. Maybe change the background, etc. Do I have to create a complete new Engine, or can I somehow configure the default engine?

    In general I find the images quite difficult to read, usually takes me 4-5 attempts to get one right... any way to make them a bit easier to read? This is going to put off a few potential users.

  3. Can someone describe the three int arguments(minGuarantedStorageDelayInSeconds, maxCaptchaStoreSize,captchaStoreLoadBeforeGarbageCollection) in GenericManageableCaptchaService. How to decide these numbers for my project?

    Also, i'm using NonLinearTextPaster for captcha generation in my application. Some times it happend that few letters are missing. All the letters in captcha are not bound to the background image. Is that a bug?