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This document is a tutorial that demonstrates how to integrate JCaptcha with a Roller.
It Uses the Roller Weblogger VERSION

This tutorial is devided into 3 Steps.

  • Step 1 : Prerequisites
  • Step 2 : install and configure the jcaptcha struts plugin
  • Step 3 : Change the Roller comment configuration


It is assume that you have a roller web application instance running. See Roller installation guide to achieve this.

Install the jcaptcha Roller plugin

  • Copy the jcaptcha jar to the WEB-INF/lib dir of the roller web-app : jcaptcha-all-${version}.jar
  • Add the folowing at the end of the struts config file
    <plug-in className="com.octo.captcha.module.struts.CaptchaServicePlugin"/>
  • There's many settable property available, but none are required, this is detailed in the module documentation. Add the following action declaration :
    That's it.
    You can now test your configuration by restarting your roller web-app and directly point your browser to the action.
    You should see a jcaptcha image!.

Change the Roller comment configuration

Roller provides a Comment Athenticator interface to plug anti spam comment implementation.
The only thing to change in order to activate the jcaptcha plugin is the folowing line in the web.xml file :

UnComment authenticator to be used.
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