Jcaptcha audio not working on secure connection (https)


In our application apache http server acts as redirector (mediator) its purpose is to intercept users request and re-direct it to application server.

Only apache URL's are exposed to end users and user request is directed to application server via apache re-direct rules

Captcha generation is configured using servlets in the application and the call is made to servlet from HTML IMG tag and EMBED tag for respective captcha's on rendering of JSP.

Now the issue is if the JSP page (Application URL) is configured on http protocol than it is playing audio captcha properly and audio is getting buffered.

But if the same jsp page(application URL) is configured on https then it doesnt play audio and audio control runs away as if nothing got buffered.

In firefox using firebug I could see request going and response coming properly. I could also see audio stream present in response but somehow on https protocol application is not playing audio.

Is it that jcaptcha doesnt work on https protocol or are we missing something as a part of apache configured?


Apache Httpserver, Jboss application server




Runal Trivedi



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